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How I Found Tickets to Sold Out Shows in the UK and Europe [2019]

by Rita Powell, Culture Contributor

Where is there an updated list of upcoming shows in the UK and Europe?

In order to save you the time to pin down links to my Top 20 great upcoming shows, here’s a list of upcoming shows in the UK and Europe, this coming Summer and Autumn of 2019.

Popular Events listed on Gigsberg

5-Jul-2019Celine DionHyde ParkLondonUKhttps://www.gigsberg.co.uk/concert-tickets/pop/celine-dion-tickets/event-3040
6-Jul-2019Stevie Wonder & Lionel RichieHyde ParkLondonUKhttps://www.gigsberg.co.uk/concert-tickets/pop/stevie-wonder-tickets/event-3031
7-Jul-2019Barbara StreisandHyde ParkLondonUKhttps://www.gigsberg.co.uk/concert-tickets/jazz-blues/barbra-streisand-tickets/event-2933
13-Jul-2019Florence and the machineHyde ParkLondonUKhttps://www.gigsberg.co.uk/concert-tickets/pop/florence-and-the-machine-tickets/event-3041
14-Jul-2019Robbie Williams & Black Eyed PeasHyde ParkLondonUKhttps://www.gigsberg.co.uk/concert-tickets/rock-pop/robbie-williams-tickets/event-3042
20-Aug-2019Billie EilishForum KarlinPragueCzech republichttps://www.gigsberg.com/concert-tickets/other-concerts/billie-eilish-tickets/event-2574
2-Sep-2019Billie EilishPoble EspanyolBarcelonaSpainhttps://www.gigsberg.com/concert-tickets/other-concerts/billie-eilish-tickets/event-2555
3-Sep-2019Billie EilishWizink centerMadridSpainhttps://www.gigsberg.com/concert-tickets/other-concerts/billie-eilish-tickets/event-2639
4-Sep-2019Billie EilishAltice ArenaLisbonPortugalhttps://www.gigsberg.com/concert-tickets/other-concerts/billie-eilish-tickets/event-2572
20-Sep-2019Rugby World CupMultiple ArenasMultiple CitiesJapanhttps://www.gigsberg.com/sport-tickets/rugby-union/rugby-world-cup-2019
28-Sep-2019Dieter BohlenLeipzig ArenaLeipzigGermanyhttps://www.gigsberg.com/concert-tickets/rock-pop/dieter-bohlen-tickets/event-2924
4-Oct-2019Dieter BohlenBarclaycard arenaHamburgGermanyhttps://www.gigsberg.com/concert-tickets/rock-pop/dieter-bohlen-tickets/event-2925
5-Oct-2019Dieter BohlenSAP arenaMannheimGermanyhttps://www.gigsberg.com/concert-tickets/rock-pop/dieter-bohlen-tickets/event-2926
25-Oct-2019Mia SkäringerCoop ArenaLuleaSwedenhttps://www.gigsberg.com/theatre-tickets/comedy/mia-skringer-tickets/event-2656
1-Nov-2019Mia SkäringerSparbanken Lidkoping ArenaLinkopingSwedenhttps://www.gigsberg.com/theatre-tickets/comedy/mia-skringer-tickets/event-2653
2-Nov-2019Dieter BohlenMercedez Benz arenaBerlinGermanyhttps://www.gigsberg.com/concert-tickets/rock-pop/dieter-bohlen-tickets/event-2921
3-Nov-2019Mia SkäringerTegera ArenaLeksandSwedenhttps://www.gigsberg.com/theatre-tickets/comedy/mia-skringer-tickets/event-2641
8-Nov-2019Mia SkäringerKinnarps arenaJonkopingSwedenhttps://www.gigsberg.com/theatre-tickets/comedy/mia-skringer-tickets/event-2647
16-Nov-2019Mia SkäringerLofbergs lila arenaKarlstadSwedenhttps://www.gigsberg.com/theatre-tickets/comedy/mia-skringer-tickets/event-2658
16-Nov-2019Dieter BohlenWestfallenhalle 1DortmundGermanyhttps://www.gigsberg.com/concert-tickets/rock-pop/dieter-bohlen-tickets/event-2927
17-Nov-2019Mia SkäringerSaab ArenaLinkopingSwedenhttps://www.gigsberg.com/theatre-tickets/comedy/mia-skringer-tickets/event-2650
7-Dec-2019Dieter BohlenOlympihalleMunichGermanyhttps://www.gigsberg.com/concert-tickets/rock-pop/dieter-bohlen-tickets/event-2922

Here’s More About Me and My Search for Tickets

As my friends and family and my colleagues know, I’m a deal hunter, a bargain basement buyer, and I’m passionate about culture. This leads me to experience many great rock concerts, comedy acts, football matches, basketball games, rugby matches, pop music concerts, theatre, opera, jazz and blues shows, classical concertos and symphonies, indie band gigs, huge music festivals, and other great events.

Screenshot of Gigsberg’s BST shows in Hyde Park, London, UK (Summer 2019)

How I Found Tickets to Sold Out Shows in the UK and Europe in 2019

Of course I tried the usual sites, and on more than 25% of the searches, the listings were not actually available. This wasted many hours.

And then, after some Google searches, I found Gigsberg. As I was unfamiliar with the site, the first thing I did was research it.

The site apparently opened to the public around the end of January, 2019. So at this time, it’s a very new site, relative to the leading competitors who’ve been around for a long time. While this means they are still somewhat smaller, the quality of the listings far outshines those I’ve seen elsewhere.

What notable features did I find on Gigsberg

In my methodology, I compared Gigsberg with the other leading ticket marketplace sites that primarily, if not entirely, cater to the UK and Europe, using a straightforward checklist that anyone can create.

What I found is remarkable. Compared to all comers, and despite being the new kid on the block, Gigsberg is a leading contender for the best secondary market ticket marketplace, in its very first year. This is because aside from the service’s convenience, prices, and exclusive ticket listings, Gigsberg also ensures that all listings on their site are 100% Guaranteed.

This level of service, assurance and customer satisfaction is simply not something you will find anywhere. Gigsberg is able to offer this guarantee, because they actually do a deep screening process of anyone applying to be a Seller. And in so doing, they are able to ensure that all ticket listings they offer, are real.


If you’re in the UK, Europe or Japan this Summer or Autumn, we hope you go and enjoy the show or sporting spectacle! And of course, please leave a comment below and let me know how the shows were and what memorable experiences you now have as a result of going to the show.