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When the world seems upside down, it’s good to work toward something beautiful. In that spirit, some personal—and professional—news.

I’ve been working alongside an amazing team at Fortune (virtual) HQ to create our newest executive community, designed specifically for mid-career professionals who are on the executive track, rising fast, and leadership bound—and who want to be part of a growing cohort of leaders who understand that business needs to make the world better. 

Here’s a preview of the announcement I wrote for our print edition:

Our Most Powerful Women community, now two decades old, has owned the conversation on gender diversity in executive ranks; and as you’ll learn later this year, is advancing a new and decidedly intersectional lens. For six years, our annual Change the World list has been a chronicle of the increasingly creative ways business is tethering profit to purpose. And the CEO Initiative, which was conceived at a historic meeting at Vatican City four years ago, is a community of big company CEOs who are boldly conspiring to use their businesses to generate global economic opportunity, while addressing society’s most pressing unmet needs.

Fortune is building on this powerful history with a clear vision of what we think the business world is moving toward: A bold—and yes, likely radical at times—reimagining of shareholder capitalism. Inclusive. Compassionate. Accountable. Prepared not just to dismantle inequitable systems but to rebuild them. 

Next month, we are launching Fortune Connect—a membership community and online platform for mid-career professionals who understand they are in a purpose-driven world and want to become more fluent in the language of stakeholder capitalism, inclusive leadership, and purpose. We are designing it for inspiration, to help members find the inspiration, energy, and allies they’ll need to grow their careers while make business better. It’s our bold and beautiful idea for this urgent moment; if Connect is right for the moment you’re in, we hope you bring your energy our way.

Learn more here and here. Oh, and do click on the video. Although I’m a little self-conscious, I’m proud of my work on it— shot on a hot summer day with a safe and socially distant crew in my garage. And now that our virtual doors are nearly open, I’m getting excited to welcome new members and watch them change the world.

Ellen McGirt

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